Water Management - Harvesting


We understand that water is a scarce resource and every drop of water counts. Rainfall is seasonal followed by long dry spells. Lot of this water is wasted as run-off. Ground water is drawn from tube wells / bore wells etc. for various uses leading to depletion of ground water which is not recharged by rain due large scale surface run-off. Since rain water is a major resource must be saved for recharging the underground aquifers to solve the problem of water scarcity in the cities and towns due to bulging population. In addition to rain water loses as run-off, lot of water waste water emanating from houses, industries is also wasted.

Rain Water Harvesting

  • Recharge wells
  • Recharge pits
  • Percolation channels
  • Storage ponds and reservoirs
  • Rain gardens
  • Bespoke solutions including a combination of various alternatives to derive best benefits including area drainage

Waste Water Management

  • Effluent treatment systems
  • Sewage treatment systems
  • Water balancing to achieve minimum wastage
  • Alternate uses of treated waste water like water gardens, fountains etc.

Our Strength

  • A competent team with lot of industry experience having successfully delivered water harvesting and waste water management solutions
  • Rain water harvesting using innovative solutions depending up on project needs
  • Waste water treatment and management.
  • Collaboration with best consultants and experts in the industry